"Little Annoyances" Mini Book

"Little Annoyances" Mini Book

What are some little things that really get your feathers ruffled? This book takes a look at some of those little annoyances that we all deal with on a frequent basis. Little Annoyances

is a hardcover miniature book completely handmade by the artist in a limited first edition of 31 books.


The book features 15 annoying spreads (31 pages) and measures 1" x 1" x 3/8" (2.54cm x 2.54cm x 0.95) and comes shipped in a small box with with ribbon and fake fly. The pages of this book were hand-torn, assembled, stitched, glued, signed, and numbered by Evan.


To watch some of the process of making of these tiny books, please visit this link: www.tiktok.com/@artandsuchevan